At this moment JAS Farma® publishes regularly the following magazines:

Saúde Pública® (Public Health)

With a monthly periodicity and distributed with the weekly newspaper Expresso on the first Saturday every month, Saúde Pública® has a 170 thousand circulation copies, equivalent to the full circulation of the Expresso newspaper. This publication was launched in March 2004 and deals with several themes in the health field through interviews and opinion articles involving different specialists.

Medicina & Saúde® (Health & Medicine)

Monthly magazine, addressed to the great public but also to certain specific professionals such as doctors, pharmaceuticals and nurses. With a national wide distribution and with 35.000 printing copies, Medicina & Saúde® was launched in 1997. In order to diffuse actual and reliable information, in each edition dozens of specialists are interviewed in this publication.
The magazine is made namely by opinion articles, several interviews over actual themes, a space dedicated to scientific societies, associations and other entities, the section «Radiografia do Hospital» where an Hospital is analysed in detail and still the Dossiê, where a main topic is approached.

Mundo Médico® (Doctor World)

Not being available at the usual sell places, the distribution of Mundo Médico® is sent free of charge to all the health specialists who belong to the several scientific medical societies whom support this Project. It is also possible to obtain this publication by signing a subscription.
This magazine started to be published in November 1998, it has a bimestrial periodicity and has 20.000 circulation copies.

Mundo Médico® Magazine (Magazine Doctor World)

Distributed along with Mundo Médico® it shows the personnel life of doctors, as well as their hobbies, etc.

Edições especiais Mundo Médico® (Special Editions Medic World)

After publishing Mundo Médico® and due to the huge receptivity this magazine has obtained, namely by the doctors and their entities, JAS Farma® have started publishing around a dozen special editions of Mundo Médico® annually. They are exclusively dedicated to national and international congresses of different specialities.

Mundo Farmacêutico® (Pharmaceutical World)

Launched in November 2002, Mundo Farmacêutico® has a bimestrial periodicity and 10.000 copies printing. With the support of over two dozens health entities, it is a publication oriented to all the pharmaceuticals and is not available to the public, but it is possible to make a subscription.

Mundo Farmacêutico® Magazine (Magazine Pharmaceutical World)

Preferentially retracts the personal life of the pharmaceuticals. Being a magazine based in interviews made in a relaxed and informal ambient, it is still a reference space to divulge events in the pharmaceutical world. Mundo Farmacêutico® Magazine is an integrant part of Mundo Farmacêutico®.

Jornal do Congresso (Congress Newspaper)

Jornal do Congresso is a project that gained shape in 2004 and it is distributed in a growing number of medical and pharmaceutical congresses. With a journal format the content is totally dedicated to the scientific meeting where will be diffused. It is produced in close cooperation with the event organization.

Notícias do Congresso ( Congress News)

Informação SIDA® (AIDS Information)

Since March 1997 that JAS Farma® publish Informação SIDA®, the only regular and independent publication that approach the thematic of AIDS in Portugal.
Published in a bimestrial period, it is specially oriented to all who, in a more direct or indirect way, have something to do to this problem, being the majority of the copies freely distributed.