Who We Are


Established in September of 1995, JAS Farma® is a specialized communication company, dedicated to get and to spread out information in the area of Health, reaching hundreds of thousands of individuals per month, both consumers and physicians.

Among its collaborators it counts with a team of skilled journalists, carefully selected and recruted, to whom are given all the necessary means to produce a quality work.

Since its beginning that JAS Farma® activity has been stimulated simultaneously by a passion for innovation and by a reinforced attention over the credibility of the diffused information. This way JAS Farma® has developed several initiatives and campaigns, launching new and innovated publications and establishing various partnerships with Health Entities.

The fact that JAS Farma® is frequently the only media company present on social communication health events reflects the high level of commitment in what it does.

Being consciously aware that the Health field demands a special dedication and sensibility from anyone that works within, the unique knowledge acquired by JAS Farma® for the past 10 years places it in a prominence position in Portugal.
Currently JAS Farma® is responsible for publishing several health magazines and journals.

It edits since March of 1997 Informação SIDA®, the only regular and independent publicaton in Portugal that approaches the thematic of AIDS.

Since November of 1997 it started to edit Medicina & Saúde®, a monthly magazine with national distribution and focussed to the great public.

The daring project of the magazine entitled Mundo Médico® emerged in November of 1998 and few months later Mundo Médico® Magazine started equally to be published.
With the same format Mundo Farmacêutico® and Mundo Farmacêutico® Magazine appeared some months later.

JAS Farma® still edits some Special Editions of Mundo Médico® throughout the year as well as other publications dedicated to specific events such as National and International Congresses from Scientific Societies and Entities. It is the case of Jornal do Congresso and Notícias do Congresso.

With a monthly periodicity and distributed with Expresso, the biggest weekly newspaper, Saúde Pública® is a journal that started to be published in March of 2004 and is the most recent project for the great public.

In the begining of 2004 there was a change of the Company to new and wider facilities with modern equipments which reflects the way how through the first decade of existance JAS Farma® has shown that knows how to renovate, overcome obstacles, grow in a sustained way and always be ready to embrace new challenges.