11th International Workshop on Langerhans Cells - LC2009

De 3 a 6 de Setembro de 2009 o Funchal vai receber o 11th International Workshop on Langerhans Cells. O evento decorrerá no Madeira Atlantic Hotel e conta com António Massa na Comissão Organizadora.

No website oficial do workshop, a organização faz o seguinte enquadramento desta iniciativa:

«As you have all become aware of, Langerhans cell research has "boomed" in the past few years. This was mainly due to the development of exiting new experimental models. This reinvigorated interest in Langerhans cells with regard to both fundamental and clinical immunology. The relationship of Langerhans cells with the other members of the dendritic cell family is currently being unraveled. Langerhans cells have also become attractive as targets for immunotherapies of inflammatory and infectious skin diseases and cancers. The past two Langerhans Cell Workshops in Madeira in 2005 and in Berne in 2007 have impressively documented this development.

Many of you will remember the previous Workshop in Madeira in 2005. The workshop in 2009 may therefore be a "deja-vue" in terms of the location, but for sure not in terms of the scientific contents of the meeting.

Langerhans cell workshops have always been events that allowed ample interactions between advanced and young researchers but also between researchers and industry. Important collaborations were sparked off at these workshops. We are convinced and we shall do our best in order to ensure that it will be a very communicative, hard working scientific meeting again.

We may remind "newcomers" to this Workshop series, that the location was not chosen for its unparalleled scenic beauty but for the fact that the discoverer of Langerhans cells, Paul Langerhans (born in Berlin 1847), lived and worked for some time in Madeira. He died there from tuberculosis in 1888 and is buried in the English Cemetary in Funchal, the capital of Madeira.

Langerhans Cell Workshops have always given fresh impetus to the immunological field of dendritic cells. We would very much like to see the field gather even more momentum.

Comissão Organizadora/Organizing Committee
- Nikolaus Romani, Innsbruck, Austria
- Georg Stingl, Vienna, Austria
- Antonio Massa, Porto, Portugal

Tópicos a abordar:/Topics
- Organization of the dendritic cell system with emphasis on Langerhans cells
- Ontogeny, Migration & Maturation of Langerhans cells
- Innate and adaptive immunity against pathogens
- What are we learning from murine Langerhans cell ablation models?
- Langerhans Cells in clinical immunology.

Oradores convidados/Invited speakers:
Jacques Banchereau, Dallas
Irina Caminschi, Melbourne
Bjoern Clausen, Rotterdam
Matt Collin, Newcastle
Adelheid Elbe-Buerger, Vienna
Teunis Geijtenbeek, Amsterdam
Frederic Geissmann, London
Florent Ginhoux, New York
Hamida Hammad, Gent
Bill Heath, Melbourne
Florian Hladik, Seattle
Daniel Kaplan, Minneapolis
Anna-Maria Lennon, Paris
Michelle Lowes, New York
Bernard Malissen, Marseille
Ira Mellman, San Francisco
Miriam Merad, New York
Gwendalyn Randolph, New York
Vassili Soumelis, Paris
Ralph M. Steinman, New York
Georg Stingl, Vienna
Patrizia Stoitzner, Innsbruck

Marieke Hodel, Conference Manager
Vienna Medical Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research
Alserstrasse 4
A-1090 Vienna +43 1 405 1383 10
Email: [email protected]