Who We Are


In JAS Farma® we believe the People make the difference and are indeed our most important success source. Being the media business a highly competitive area, only with dedicated and extremely professional Collaborators could JAS Farma® obtain a prominent position in Portugal.

In ourdays there are many organizations who claim that Collaborators are «the most important Active» - Statementes that very often are not reflected in concrete actions.

Since 1995 that we, in JAS Farma®, have been investing in the growing improvement of the work conditions of all Collaborators. We believe the frequent acquisitions of new and modern informatic equipment, ergonomic furniture, the company vehicles systematic renovation or the change for new and wider facilities reflect our commitment upon our Collaborators.

Although we consider remuneration not to be the main element concerning the People motivation, we see it as a natural important factor. Thus, in JAS Farma® we show the esteem for an outstanding dedication and profissionalism to all who collaborate with us through a solid monetary retribution along with other benefits.

The reduced rotativity, the low level of absentism of our Collaborators and the fact that several people who stop working with us come back later to re-integrate our Company are elements that show us we are in the right path.

In JAS Farma® we try to develop a clear communication with all the People that work with us, maintaining a work environment simultaneously demanding, dinamic, estimulating and pleasant. The constant and ambicious challenges that JAS Farma® embrace are a reflection of the company culture and of the competences the «citizens» of JAS Farma® place to its service!