Who We Are


In the course of its activity, JAS Farma® always had as a matter of principle tthe attitude to maintain a right ambient behaviour. The evident inter-relations between Environment and Health strengthen our position.

It is a fact that our activity requires the use of great amounts of paper for the edition of publications. Not being possible to prevent this use of resources, we are strongly motivated in minimizing the respective ambient impact.

The re-use of paper, the recycling of paper, toners and other consumable ones and a more efficient energy use are measures that have been developed and are today a systematic and common practices in all the areas of JAS Farma®.

The strict selection of our suppliers is made having in account not only the value of the services but equally the efforts of these companies in developing ambient policies.

To continuously improve our environment policies is more than a purpose of JAS Farma®. It is a firm commitment with our Customers, Partners, Suppliers and Society in general.

Several ambient consistent practices to develop in the future are part of our engagement with the Environment and are integrated in the strategy of the sustained growth of JAS Farma®.